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There are several misunderstandings when customers purchase cartons


There are several misunderstandings when customers purchase cartons:

Myth 1: I want to buy a cardboard box with high hardness. Is your Carton hard?

In fact, the Packaging Cartons are not explained by hard. Hardness is just a person's hand feeling, not the basis for determining the true quality of the carton. Moreover, the carton is made of paper after all, is it raining? Although the carton is not immersed in water, the moisture content in the air increases and the paper absorbs water. Isn't the carton hard? Maybe it's a very bad piece of paper. It will be harder when it is sunburned in the sun.

Myth 2: Can your carton stand? How many squares?

This statement is also wrong. The carton is about tolerance, and the terminology is called compression. If it is a small box, it will be a few squares. If he is still square, it is not surprising to stand up! Besides, in general, a person is also 130 pounds? As long as the B1 grade paper or above, almost everyone can stand. So the carton depends on what the contents are, only tell the seller, what do you want to install, probably install multiple, let the seller come to you with paper, so that is the most suitable for yourself, maybe you will ask, give yourself a paper, then The price will not be expensive, this depends on what you put, the heavier the more expensive.

Myth 3: How is the hole in the middle of your corrugated box so thin and so big?

This statement is completely wrong. The middle of the first corrugated is called core paper, and the second one is called the rate. The high rate (so-called hole) indicates that the cardboard is thick, is the thinner the smaller? Generally, this rate is prescribed by the state. All papermaking machines have a certain pattern. It is impossible to build a machine for the purpose of cutting corners, but it can be adjusted. Therefore, some factories will not adjust the rate to the national standard. under. After all, national standards also have standards under the standards.

Myth 4: What is the difference between a carton and a carton?
Will it be stiffer than nailing? This statement is wrong. It takes more labor to use glue, because it is much slower than nailing. Only nails are needed for nailing. However, personal advice is to use a fit, in case your contents are broken by nails, the nails are damaged by friction, all kinds of situations need to be considered thoughtful.

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