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​Packaging carton classification


We often use the packaging Carton in our daily life. Have you ever counted how many kinds of Packaging Cartons?
First, according to the material classification.
Card Box. Of course, it is a single-layer cardboard box, and the general medicine box and toothpaste box are all such.
Pit box. The corrugated box is his title, a layer of cardboard (gray card or white card), corrugated paper, and then beer.
Handmade box. Also known as a Gift Box, because in the past it was mostly done by hand. From paper (cloth or leather) to cardboard (or wood), it is usually fixed and unfoldable after molding.

Second, according to the box type classification.
Foldable and non-foldable, the former is called a folding box, and the latter is called a cardboard box. Folding cartons are the most widely used in merchandise packaging.
1. Disc trays, such as airplane boxes and heaven and earth cover boxes. The structure is always folded from the ground in four directions, like a plate.
2, tubular carton, also known as the flap type carton. A piece of paper indented, folded, glued box, open at both ends, surrounded by four sides, like a water pipe, it is called a tube Tray. It has the advantage of easy opening, easy removal of merchandise and easy display and promotion of merchandise.
3. Window-opening tray. The window-opening carton has three forms: partial window opening, transparent lid and multi-faceted transparent. Generally used in combination with transparent plastic sheets, the window opening parts display goods, which is convenient for consumers to purchase.
4. Portable Paper Box. Some goods are packed in a large volume. For the convenience of customers, a handle is added to the paper box, and the handle is designed to be folded as much as possible, so that it can be easily transported and does not occupy too much area.
5. Shaped paper box. The shaped carton mainly has various forms such as a triangle shape, a pentagon shape, a diamond shape, a hexagon shape, an octagonal shape, a trapezoidal shape, a cylindrical shape, a semicircular shape, and a book type. The structure of the carton is a package shape that is presented by an arc, a straight line of cuts and an alternating combination of faces. The advantages of the shaped carton are novel and beautiful.
6, special structure type carton. It is to open a gap in a certain part of the carton, or add an accessory to pour out powdery, granular, blocky or liquid goods. The carton structure can be diversified, and it is convenient for consumers to use, and can be specially designed according to different uses of the product. The chic shape is mainly reflected by the special-shaped structure, which requires designing functional structures (such as handles, hand holes, vents, adhesive crepe sheets for automatic folding cartons, etc.), and feature structures (such as chamfering, hollowing, feet, etc.) And special structural elements such as appearance structures (such as non-column, non-planar structures) are implemented so that they can be satisfied.

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