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How to solve the "sequel" left by over-packaging of express packaging


How to solve the "sequel" left by over-packaging of express packaging

Everyone must be familiar with such a scene. The courier brother is riding a car and flying fast on the road. Whether it is a residential area or an office building, there are large and small express parcels.

The rise of e-commerce and the development of online shopping habits have made express delivery a new industry. However, on the one hand, the express delivery industry has been singing all the way, while on the other hand, the express garbage has piled up into mountains. These data mean that there are tens of thousands of tons of garbage behind the booming boom.

With the rise of e-commerce, the express delivery industry is developing rapidly. With this rapid development, packaging materials have also consumed a huge amount of resources, and the resulting environmental pollution has become more and more serious. Why is it often uncommon for over-packaged express mail that has been repeatedly criticized?

Over-packaging of express delivery has common concerns that buyers, sellers, and courier companies have damaged items. Buyers are perfect for the goods, and hope that the package is solid; the seller does not give a bad review for the customer, and does enough articles on the packaging; the courier company would rather pack a layer, and would not take the risk of compensating for the loss of the customer. In the case that the phenomenon of barbaric sorting, throwing and throwing things is difficult to fundamentally reverse, it can only be worn with thick "armor."

On the one hand, it is a barbaric sorting that saves time and reduces labor costs. On the other hand, it is not afraid of troubles, extensive over-packaging, and [rough" to [savage". The account of the express delivery industry should really be considered.

How to solve the "sequel" left over-packaging? It is impossible to stop the development of the express delivery industry because of squandering food, and it is not allowed to grow wildly. Let the "puffy" courier packaging "slimming" requires the transformation and upgrading of the entire express industry chain, covering government departments, express delivery companies, packaging suppliers, e-commerce platforms and consumers.

In order to better manage the express garbage, the State Post Bureau issued the "Implementation Plan for Promoting Green Packaging Work in the Express Industry" last year. A series of governance measures have achieved certain results. After all efforts, the effectiveness of express packaging has been significantly reduced, and the proportion of express electronic waybills has increased significantly, reaching 70%.

In the long run, express delivery companies can not only save money, but also gradually shift to green, reduced, and recyclable directions to achieve a win-win situation for corporate profits and social benefits.

Express "slimming" packaging is the most authentic mirror to reflect the practice of green development. The extensive development of the express delivery industry is time to upgrade and upgrade.

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