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How can corrugated cardboard appear to be deformed by the "washing board"?


Corrugated board is affected by temperature, adhesive, machine tension and the quality of the base paper, which is prone to deformation of the board. How can this be solved?


1. The difference in the expansion ratio of the fibrous tissue of the base paper is large;

2. If the quantitative basis of the face paper or the backing paper is too low and the fiber structure of the base paper is too soft, the stiffness after molding is correspondingly poor;

3. When the coating amount of the adhesive is too much or uneven, the edges of the corrugated top also have glue. When it is bonded to the paper or the inner paper, the opposite paper or the inner paper forms a certain torque;

4. The viscosity of the adhesive is low, and the fibrous structure of the inner paper or the facial tissue does not adhere well to a solid whole;

5. The corrugating roller and pressure roller of the single-sided or double-sided machine are uncomfortable and unbalanced;

6. When the top of the corrugating roller is severely worn, the coating amount of the rubber is increased due to the increase of the crown top area, so that the facial paper or the inner paper is easily deformed after being bonded;

7. When the temperature of the corrugating roller, the pressure roller or the preheating roller is too high or too low, it is easy to cause the deformation of the corrugated cardboard after the forming of the corrugated cardboard.


1. The moisture content of the base paper can be controlled within the standard range. When distributing paper, the moisture content of facial paper, corrugated paper, core paper and inner paper should be kept as close as possible; appropriate high-grade facial paper, corrugated paper and backing paper should be used;

2. Adjust the glue applicator to keep it in normal working condition, so that the width of the rubber coating is maintained between 1.3mm and 1.8mm, avoiding the production with too low speed;

3. The viscosity of the adhesive can be adjusted to increase the bonding force of the corrugated cardboard during molding;

4. Replace the new corrugating roller and check whether the corrugating roller, pressure roller, paper guide, etc. are normal. If there is wear and tear, take measures to eliminate it;

5. Check and adjust the heating device. The machine heated by steam will easily cause the thermal efficiency to drop and the surface temperature to be uneven due to the accumulation of condensed water in the container. Therefore, if the machine has a siphon device, the gap between the suction port of the siphon device and the inner wall of the corrugating roller should be adjusted to be between 0.3 mm and 0.8 mm, so that the condensed water can be discharged at a proper time to maintain a proper temperature.

In short, in order to prevent the quality problem of corrugated board, it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably master the production process, which is the most effective measure to improve the processing quality of corrugated board. We are professional and welcome to consult harassment.

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